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For the past six years, Elevate Media Group has been at the forefront of this evolving technology, employing licensed pilots and carrying special liability insurance to advance our aerial services. Elevate Media Group is proud to have worked with local and national clients such as ESPN and Bassmasters as well as with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, and U.S. Department of Defense.


Elevate is located in Onalaska, Wisconsin, and provides aerial services regionally, nationally, and internationally. More often than not, Elevate works within our Tri-State region (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa), but we continue to maintain and work with a handful of clients across the county.


On a local level, Elevate is proud to work with clients in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Winona, Minnesota, and Rochester, Minnesota on a variety of drone-related projects. These projects happen year-round and include indoor and outdoor drone flights for video and photography purposes.

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In recent years, U.A.V (unmanned aerial vehicle or aerial drones) has emerged as a private and commercial use technology. As this equipment becomes more mainstream, an increasing number of companies see profit from using drones for aerial photography. The main reason for this is the significant reduction in costs compared to traditional aircraft. Drones can go where manned vehicles cannot, and at a considerably lower rate. 


Whether showing subdivisions, commercial or industrial properties, golf courses, construction sites, or an undeveloped lot, drones are fantastic at highlighting properties in an appealing light. Aerial photography or video captures images of a property that can not be communicated by conventional means. It makes assessing property easier for buyers, and they will feel more confident about buying from you.


Elevate Media Group’s stunning aerial videography and photography services will add that extra “wow” to your projects. We use our 4K video quality drones to get you beautiful aerial imagery.


Under FAA Part 107 regulations, Elevate Media Group employs a fully trained and licensed pilot. Safety is our number one priority when it comes to drone flight. Elevate Media Group provides dedicated aerial liability insurance, and our meticulous planning and pre-flight procedures ensure that our equipment is capable and that everyone involved is safe.

Real Estate

Traditional photographs can capture only portions of a home or property. This means your customers need to browse through multiple images to see how the entire property looks. With aerial photography or videography, high-quality photos of the entire real estate lot may be captured at one time.

Recreational and Entertainment

Walking trails, golf courses, amusement parks, and more — you name it, we can capture it. You can get consumers excited to visit you by integrating aerial photographs or drone videos onto your website. This allows them to see everything you’ve got to offer in ways that traditional pictures simply can not.


Aerial photographs can be added to your advertisements to create a more professional look. It can develop a sense of adventure as well. Picture a sweeping drone shot of your resort hotel golf course or a slowly ascending aerial video That makes customers excited about interacting with your business and learning more about what you are offering.

Maps, Surveying & Inspections

Our mapping services include agricultural mapping, surveying, documenting construction progress, data collection, stockpile measurements, environmental monitoring, animal population management, disaster area analysis, and more…

Safety & FAA Part 107 Certification

Elevate Media Group utilizes leading edge UAS technology that ensures safety and reliability. Our pilots are licensed and always accompanied by an observer. We fly with safety in mind, respect regulations and exercise common sense while flying.


Relax as we shoot Full HD, and UHD 4K. Combined with a 12 MP camera we can shoot amazing stills and even create 3D computer models.

Elevate Media Group is fully insured and employs trained, and experienced FAA Part 107 licensed pilots to provide professional aerial cinematography, photography, 2d/3d, surveying, thermal imaging, inspection and so much more!


Everytime our UAS takes off it is under the command of a 14 CFR Part 107 licensed remote pilot, who works responsibly from preflight checklists and airspace authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UAS?

Unmanned Aerial System stands for a UAS. This is the term given by the FAA to aircraft and drones which are remotely controlled.


What about Safety?

Safety is our number one concern. We recognize that these UAS’ are machines and not toys, other people’s safety and their property is paramount. Our pilots are certified and licensed by the FAA, and are dedicated to following local, state and national laws and regulations. Our Pilots also use the full Visual Observer and Flight Operator Support System as required by each project.


What distance can you fly?

Our flight distance is restricted by the Pilot in Command (PIC) visual line of sight or a visual observer within radio contact. Our flight ceiling is also limited to 400feet. above ground level. Requests can be made to bypass these limits but are not a guarantee.


How long can your fly in the UAS?

We can fly 15-20* minutes per battery set on average (and yes we do have more than one). We can also charge batteries on site via outlets or vehicles for additional flight time over the course of a project.

Note: Flight times vary depending on temperature, wind and other variables.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured with special liability and injury coverage. Also, we are insured by standard production insurance.


What if things go wrong?

Our pilots were trained to analyze situations and make good judgements as to whether a mission is safe to fly or not. However, if there is a mid-flight problem, the PIC will immediately stop all flights and assess the situation. In the event that our UAS falls (yes it does) or accidentally strikes something / one we are required by law to report incidents causing $500 + property damage to the FAA within 10 days, or hospital visitation for injuries. This will then launch an FAA inquiry into the operating procedures and applications for judgment. This is A) not fun, and B) something that we never want to address. Safety is our number-one priority!


Which areas do you serve?

We are based in Onalaska, Wisconsin, but we regularly serve clients located in Western Wisconsin and Michigan, Eastern Minnesota, and Northern Iowa areas. Outside of the midwest? We are able and willing to travel anywhere to meet the needs of our customers, wherever they may be.