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Marine Credit Union

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Marine Credit Union Foundation 2022 Video

About Marine Credit Union

Marine Credit Union was set up in 1949 to help those who worked at Mercury Marine, which made outboard motors in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Having opened nearly a century ago, Marine’s primary goal has been to help the people in the area. This mission has helped us grow its 75,000-member base in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. Marine’s growth also led to the creation of its Marine Credit Union Foundation in 2014. The foundation has raised over $1,300,000+ and has supported over 848 communities. Though Marine has steadily grown over the years, they have never lost sight of its core values of courage, collaboration, compassion, and commitment.

Services Provided

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Marine Credit Union believes financial success should be a goal for everyone, no matter where they are on their path, and not just a luxury for a few. Even when you are turned down elsewhere, Marine Credit Union works to help you reach your goal. Elevate Media Group has worked with Marine since 2016, producing and providing various marketing materials and services. Elevate has worked closely with departments across the credit union to promote Marine’s core values and financial education priorities.

MCU Member Stories

 Elevate’s earliest work took us across the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, to capture real-life stories of members whom the Marine Credit Union positively impacted. These member stories took us into the lives and homes of members who took the time to share their incredible and varied financial experiences.

Marine Credit Union Foundation & Finding Home 

Marine believes learning about money and owning a home can help people become financially stable and help the community grow. Through the Marine Credit Union Foundation, the Finding HOME program gives free financial education to people and families who are having trouble buying a home. When someone finishes the Finding HOME program and does well, they are guaranteed to be able to get a mortgage at the market rate that fits their budget.

Elevate Media Group has produced an annual video at the event’s dinner for many years. The video’s goal is to summarize the foundation’s work and how it has made a lasting difference.

The video highlights different aspects of the foundation’s work, such as how it is giving back to the community and teaching members fundamentals of financial literacy. It also showcases how the foundation helps improve the lives of those affected by its work and provides infographics that convey the scale of its impact. The video is a powerful reminder of how donations and positive engagement within our communities can change us for the better and inspire others to do likewise.

MCU Mobile App – How-To Videos

When Marine Credit Union rolled out its new mobile app, Elevate produced a series of animated videos. Each video provided viewers with a clean and straightforward guide for navigating its modern interface. The videos covered topics such as widgets, Face ID, setting savings goals, how to track spending habits, and depositing checks over your phone.

IOS Mobile App Intro Video

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