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Rockland Flooring

Rockland Flooring – Grip Guard

About Rockland Flooring

Rockland Flooring manufactures laminated hardwood flooring for trailers, containers, and truck bodies in North America. Since 1992, the Rockland Flooring team has been dedicated to overcoming the most pressing difficulties in trailer flooring. We produce unique solutions that make floors stronger and last longer, from new and revolutionary protective coatings like Grip Guard and Wax Guard to more robust and lighter composite floors like Defender 24 and Defender MAX.

Rockland Flooring offers unrivaled protection against water, chemicals, and other road debris that can harm a laminated floor’s wood and glue line.

Services Provided

Video Production | Editing | Graphic Design | Drone | Script Writing | Photography


Elevate Media Group captured Rockland’s award-winning process from start to finish, highlighting its protective composite flooring. With a suite of options to choose from, Rockland Flooring has the correct flooring for its client’s unique applications. In the case of Defender 24, polyurethane hot melt adhesive is applied between the Rockland floor and the fiberglass-reinforced polymer material. The wood and fiber underlay are then joined together using a series of compression rollers.


Elevate Media Group utilized its 4K camera and Drone to document all aspects of the production process. Elevate also captured still photography for use on the Rockland Flooring website and social media channels. Following production, Elevate produced four videos promoting its product line. This included Grip Guard, Wax Guard, Defender 24, and Defender MAX. 


Rockland Flooring – Wax Guard
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Why Rockland Flooring Selected EMG

Rockland Flooring is a flooring company looking for a professional video production company to create a video for their business. They researched many video production companies and ultimately chose Elevate Media Group because of their professional video quality, attention to detail, and friendly team of creatives. The team at Elevate Media Group was able to capture the essence of Rockland Flooring’s business and create a video that is informative and engaging.

The team at Elevate Media Group enjoyed working with Rockland Flooring, and found the team to be professional and easy to work with. The product videos turned out great, and Rockland Flooring was very happy with the final product.

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