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RTP Company & Hueforia – Imagineering Plastics

RTP – Hueforia 2022-2023 Colour Line Promotion Video

About RTP Company & Hueforia

RTP Company is both a local and global leader in specialty thermoplastics compounding. RTP makes thousands of products each year for a wide range of markets. The professional polymer engineers choose from more than 60 resins and hundreds of modifying additives to formulate a tailored thermoplastic material to match the requirements of plastic items ranging from medical devices to aerospace components. RTP Company specialty compounds combine many properties into a single material, lowering manufacturing costs and shortening time-to-market while allowing product designers and engineers to achieve their vision for plastic products in every significant market category.

Hueforia is the name of the color development team at RTP Company, which creates colored thermoplastics to highlight plastic items and position them for market success. They can assist in creating the most fashionable yellow lip gloss tube ever or finding the perfect shade of grey for a high-end automotive gear shift. This experienced team of colorists makes full use of modern technology. In fact, no matter where parts are being manufactured, they share a worldwide database to ensure that customers get correct, consistent masterbatches every time. Thermoplastic colors can be custom-formulated to fit precise appearance goals, or the company offers a selection of popular, time-tested colors. Finding a reliable, knowledgeable supplier is just as important as picking the right color… Hueforia is the go-to team for colorants, special effects, and performance-enhancing additives because of their exceptional service, formulation skills, and wide market knowledge!

Services Provided

Videography | Editing | Animation | Graphic Design

Why RTP Company Selected Elevate

RTP Company takes great pride in their products and needed someone who would be able to provide them with high-quality marketing materials. EMG is proud to offer professional photography, videography, and graphic design services, making EMG a perfect fit to help push their marketing material further.

RTP Company – Rauckman-Blanket-Clip using RTP Company plastics

What Elevate was Tasked With

Since 2017, EMG has produced content ranging from manufacturing footage to a company-wide capabilities video to a color-centric animation video for its color development team, Hueforia.

RTP Company has worked with Steve and the team at Elevate for 5+ years, and they never cease to amaze us! They are super creative, easy to work with, and have gone to great lengths to better understand our technical products and services in order to produce videos that really communicate to our customer base. If you’re looking for an excellent agency to partner with, Elevate Media Group is highly recommended!

Margaret CoxManager, Marketing Communications

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