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La Crosse County COVID Response

The World Health Organization classifies Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. La Crosse County COVID Response set out to promote safe practices and general information at a time when no direct vaccines or therapies for COVID-19 were available. Working with the La Crosse County Health Department, Elevate Media Group was able to put together the following Covid-19 Health PSA.  As the world continued its lockdown, the La Crosse County Health Department (LCHD) moved aggressively to promote “Safer at Home” measures enacted by Gov. Tony Evers via “Emergency Order #28”. As of April 27, 2020, the New York Times reports 6,081 confirmed cases and 281 deaths. (UPDATED) As of February 4, 2022, NPR reports over 900,000 Americans have died of COVID in 2 years of the global pandemic.

Services Provided

Animation | Graphic design | social media | branding

What EMG was Tasked With

To provide critical information to La Crosse County, the LCHD worked to develop a marketing campaign aimed at all demographics. LCHD decided to partner with Elevate Media Group (EMG) to provide its full suite of marketing talents. To reach drivers during the initial slowdown, LCHD and EMG moved quickly to place billboards strategically throughout major thoroughfares. The pair also used push messaging through radio buys. While teens and college-age residents were slow to adapt, branded social media content was used to reach a diverse audience.

La Crosse County Health Dept COVID-19 PSA
La Crosse County COVID Response – Doctors Animation Still from PSA

Emphasizing the dire nature of the situation, the LCHD even employed MEMES to reach a demographic generally less in tune with the general goings-on of local government. In an effort to reach audiences engaged through traditional mediums, EMG designed advertisements for both newspaper and local TV stations. While remaining socially distanced, EMG suggested and, in turn, provided a light animated style to convey LCHDs messaging. Employed to provide viewers with both critical information and practices, these animations aimed to break down complex issues and reduce anxiety caused by the disease.

“We are fighting a virus, not each other.”

City of La Crosse Police Department, City of La Crosse Fire Department, (Former) Mayor Tim Kabat, and La Crosse County Health Department

Early on, LCHD provided the public with critical information in a timely and organized fashion. They held regular press conferences and kept up-to-date information available on both their website and social media platforms. Our medical professionals, grocers, public transportation, and postal workers (many more) have and continue to work towards flattening the curve. Every day community members are willing to stay home, practice safe habits, in the end, save lives. As Axios reports. “Social Distancing is Working”  

La Crosse County COVID Response
La Crosse County Health Department COVID Response – Billboard

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