License to Live – Dangers of Downed Power Lines

In late 2019, Elevate had the privilege of working with a number of organizations to produce a six minute informational video called “License to Live” about the dangers of downed power lines. Far too often, individuals find themselves in harm’s way, unknowing of the serious situation they’re in. Without proper education, this life threatening situation can turn deadly in an instant. 

License to Live – Educational Campaign for Drivers

The idea was sparked by Carol Blaken, member relations manager at Jackson Electric Cooperative, after she witnessed a crash in which a young teen driver had a very close call after hitting a utility pole.

“The car was flipped on its hood. My husband went to assess the accident while I called 911. The driver of the car was out of the vehicle, hands on his knees, and my husband said if the driver would have reached up with his arms he would have touched the sagging power lines,”

Blaken recalls. She also stopped the teen from returning to the car to get his cell phone. Realizing how many drivers of all ages are unaware of the clear and present danger of downed lines, Blaken approached Benjamin Bella, safety & compliance coordinator for a group of four western Wisconsin electric cooperatives, who organized a group of representatives from Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, Eau Claire Energy Cooperative, Jackson Electric Cooperative, Oakdale Electric Cooperative, and Riverland Energy Cooperative, and the “License to Live” campaign was born.

The intent of the video was to provide life saving information and demonstrations in a true to life setting. While the information is valuable for all ages, the target audience of this video was aimed towards young adults. 

Elevate worked with the Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange, Safe Electricity, Electric Cooperatives of Wisconsin, Viterbo University, and Gundersen Health System to produce an engaging, accurate, story driven account of two young adults involved in a powerline collision.  Due to the demographics historic demand for both quality content. Our task was to produce a video that was narrative, intense, and delivered critical information to ensure no one leaves without life saving instructions.

Crews set mock crash scenario prior to filming

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