Why Infographics and Animated Videos are a Great Way to Boost Business

Are you looking for new ways to bring business to your company? Are you looking for a way to add some flavor to your website? Well, today is your lucky day. In this article you will discover two new ways to make your website and business more attractive and compelling to your customers. 

Queue the infographic and the animated video. These new marketing tools can help boost your business’s SEO, simplify communication, and enhance your business’s brand. Continue reading to find out how these tools can help your business, what they can be used for and tips and tricks to making them successful. 

Table of Contents: 

  • Infographics
  • What are they?
  • How can they Help Business?
  • How can you Use them in Business? 
  • Tips for Making Successful Infographics
  • Animated Videos
  • What are they? 
  • How can they Help Business? 
  • How can you Use them in Business? 
  • Tips for Making Successful Animated Videos


What are they?

Infographics are a popular marketing tool used by businesses to, you probably guessed it, inform their customers about anything from how to’s to product showcases. But infographics aren’t just a boring way to give your customers information, they are fun, colorful images paired with words. Infographics are a more effective way to make difficult and dull information easier for customers to follow and understand. 

How can they help your business?

So you know what infographics are, so you are probably wondering why they are an effective tool for businesses? To start, the brain takes in 90% of its information in images. As humans, we are created to remember pictures. We can remember about 65% of daily information if it is presented to us visually, as opposed to 10% if the same information is given to us via spoken words. 

Now aside from the science side of how infographics affect the brian, infographics also increase web traffic. Posts that include images are more likely to be viewed than posts that just have words, 650% to be exact. Along with this, posts that include both images and words, an infographic, is one of the most engaging and effective ways to advertise a business. Infographics also help improve your business’s brand and optimize your business for search. Infographics are an effective way to get your information on as many platforms as you want. You can use them on any social media platform, website, media kits, email, or anywhere else. Infographics also last a while, and can be used for months, or even years. 

Overall, infographics help businesses advertise in effective ways, but here are some more specific benefits that infographics provide. 

Simplify Communication

Let’s think about this scenario for a second. If you were to be presented with a PDF of information with no pictures and a PDF of the same information with pictures, which would you most likely choose to read? You probably chose the document with pictures because it is easier to understand, right? When communicating information to customers, you want them to understand what you are saying. If you use pictures with simple captions instead of flooding the customer’s brain with detailed worded directions, the customer is more likely to comprehend the topic you are presenting.   

Inviting and Attractive

Using infographics is a great way to attract potential customers to your business. When customers see an article with an interesting picture, they are more likely to click on it to read it. If you are advertising your business using an infographic it is important to make it unique and amusing to entice a customer into reading the information. It needs to have inviting colors, easy to read font, and a limited amount of words. If your information is attractive, your viewers will have an easier time finding the motivation to read the important information. 

Boost SEO

You might be wondering how an infographic can help boost your search engine optimization. For starters, infographics have the power to increase your ranking factor and authority of your website and business. When you post a high quality infographic, it becomes enticing to bloggers because it gives them a way to keep their audience interested while still giving credit to the creator of the infographic. When bloggers post your infographic, it creates a backlink to your website, increasing your Google ranking. 

Simply said, the better the infographic, the more likely it is to be used by others. The more backlinks the infographic makes, the higher ranking of your business on Google. And lastly, the higher ranking on Google, the higher SEO your business will have. 

How can you use Infographics in your Business? 

Now that you know why and how infographics can help enhance your business, take a look at the specific ways you can use infographics. 

How Tos

Infographics are a great way to explain to an audience how to easily execute a complex task. They can provide useful pictures and simple phrases so the audience can easily follow along. Check out this infographic on how to make an infographic, how ironic. 

Show off Product or Service

You can use infographics to introduce a specific product or service that your business offers. The infographic can include the breakdown of the features, prices, steps needed to purchase the service, or anything else you think your infographic needs. The infographic below highlights the services that Sustainability Studios offer. 

Compare/Contrast Things

After you showcase your product or service, you might want to compare the different services/products your business offers along with anything else you feel the need to compare. For example, an infographic can be used to compare and contrast an hourly pay and a salary pay.


Along with showcasing a product, an infographic can be used to display a list, whether that be a Top 5 List, a features list for a certain product, or a list of all the services you offer. Below is an infographic that gives a list of the 10 types of infographics and the best case to use them. 

Call to Action

Just like at the end of a persuasive speech or essay, an infographic can ask the viewer to take action. By informing the audience of a specific problem and providing solutions to that problem, you can efficiently persuade your viewer. The infographic below gives the viewer the causes, effects, and solutions to climate change. 


You can also use infographics to create timelines. You can use the timelines to give a brief history of a topic or the story behind your business and how it has gotten to where it is today. The example timeline is the story of how Uber became one of the most popular ride-hailing companies. 

Show off New Product or Brand 

Infographics are a great way to showcase a new product that you are providing. You can come up with an interesting way to portray your new product that is different from your competitors and will engage your customers. Pictured below is an example of an introduction to a new product by Amazon. 

Tips for Making a Successful Infographic

After reading this, you are probably dying to create your own infographic to help your business flourish. Here are some tips and tricks for getting started. 

Know Your Audience

Like every advertising campaign, make sure your infographic is targeted to your specific consumer. Everything that goes into your infographic needs to be tailored towards your intended audience, such as color, words, and graphics. 

Good Title

When creating an infographic it is important to include an eye catching title. Your title should include what the infographic is about, while still making the audience intrigued to read more. 

Should be Informative

In a successful infographic there are very few words, but those words should still be very valuable to your topic. Even though you are using images and graphics to display more of your information, make sure the amount and quality of information is still powerful. 

Information Flows Should Flow

When creating an infographic, you can be easily carried away with the design. Make sure your design is easy to follow and has a simple flow. If the order of information is confusing, it will be hard for your viewers to follow.  

Cite Your Sources

Like any paper in school, or powerpoint presentation at work, you need to be citing your sources. If you use statistics or quotes in your infographic, those should be cited at the bottom of the design. 

Keep it Simple

Infographics can be fun to mess around with, but you need to make sure you aren’t making your infographic too busy. Don’t be afraid to include white space in your design. Too many elements can be confusing and overwhelming to the audience. 

Include Your Information

The most important step in creating a successful infographic is adding your business’s information. Be sure to include your website and contact information at the bottom of the infographic to show customers where they can learn more about this product, service, or topic. 

Animated Videos

Similar to infographics, animated videos are another great tool to help boost business. 

What are they? 

Animated Videos, also known as motion graphics, are another great marketing tool to convey dull information in a more exciting and interactive way. Animated videos use animated pictures, text, or symbols to display a certain message or information. Along with the moving images, there will be a voice over that lets the viewer know what is going on in the animations. Like Infographics, animated videos are a great way to keep customers interested in the information a business is trying to convey. 

How can they help your business? 

Motion Graphics are a great way to add some spice to your business proposals, employee training, basic information you want your customers to know, or any topic you feel needs an interesting touch. With motion graphics, you can turn boring spreadsheets and instructions into a fun, amusing video that effectively informs the customers. Information given through an animated video is absorbed fast and more efficiently than reading a dull pamphlet or bar graph. I mean, think about it, would you rather watch a minute long video or read a one page statistics sheet? 

Motion graphics can have a huge benefit to the advertising of your business, and here is how. 

Boost SEO

Are you wanting to get to a higher position on the search results? It seems almost impossible with the amount of business owners taking the same steps to reach that higher position. However, there is a way, with less competition, to get to the top of those search results. When you create an animated video and embed that video in your website, your business is more likely to be featured on the first page of Google search results. A motion graphic also helps the ranking of your website which boosts your SEO. 

Enhance Brand

Because human brains process 90% of information in images, motion graphics are extremely memorable. If your animated video is engaging and eye-catching, the viewer is more likely to remember the information presented. The information given in a motion graphic can also help the audience understand a more complex idea and allows you to tailor the video to your target audience. A high quality motion graphic can have an impact on the viewers, and therefore increase your brand recognition. 

It’s Shareable and Cost Effective

Animated videos are a great way to get your business’s content on all different devices. More people are starting to use their phones and tablets rather than laptops or desktops, but the good news is that animated videos can be displayed on all devices. Just being able to reach smartphone and tablet users alone, you are increasing the exposure to your business. 

If the motion graphics are interesting enough they can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat to reach even more potential customers. Videos are an easy way for people to share information they find intriguing.

Along with being easily shareable, animated videos are cost effective. You don’t have to spend the sum of money needed for studio time, actors, or expensive camera gear for a real video, instead you can hire a designer to create an animated video for you. Even though you have to spend some money on a designer, the money will get right back to you with how successful motion graphics are at bringing business to your company. 

How can you use animated videos for business? 

Like infographics, there are many effective uses for animated videos, here are just a few. 

Explaining an Idea or Concept

Motion graphics are a great way to help viewers understand a certain concept. Sometimes it can be hard to explain a certain idea or concept, but with motion graphics, the viewer has an easier time visualizing and understanding the process. Here is a great example of an animated video we produced for a local moving company Jake’s Moving and Storage.

Tell Your Business’s Story

Like a timeline infographic, an animated video can give a brief history of your business and how you became the business you are today. You can also use an animated video to tell any kind of story you want, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your business’s story. Here is a great example of an animated video we produced for the La Crosse Community Foundation.


You can use a motion graphic to brand or rebrand your business. Creating a memorable video will help you stand apart from your competitors and increase your business. Here is an example of an animated video we produced for the United Fund for the Arts and Humanities.

Logo Animation

Do you want to give your logo a little extra spice? You can achieve this by adding animation to your logo. This will make your logo stick out and attract potential customers. Check out what we did for Irishfest‘s logo to make it fly into frame.

Tips for Making Successful Animated Videos

Now that you know what animated videos are, how they can help boost business, and specific ways to use animated videos, it is time for you to learn how to create a successful animated video that will bring you business. Take a look at these tips and tricks that we think are important to know when creating an animated video. 

Know your audience

Like infographics it is important to know your target audience so you can tailor your animated video towards them. You want to make sure the message, the colors and the graphics, all are cohesive and speak to the type of customer you are intending. 

Hire a professional 

Motion graphics are an amazing tool, but can be harmful to your business if not done correctly. A great animated video has seamless transitions and that only comes from designers that are experienced with motion graphic work. A designer can also help your vision come to life. They will work with you to decide colors and graphics to ensure the animation represents your business how you want it to. 

Compelling Script

Your script for your animated video is just as important as the graphics that go along with it. Having great motion graphics but a lousy script will not keep your audience interested. To know if your script is too dull, read it without the pictures. Does it still have the same effect? The combination of both amusing graphics and an intriguing story, will make your animated video a success. 

Make it Flow

One of the most important things to remember when creating an animated video is to make sure it flows. It is important for both the script and graphics to be in sync at all times and for the transitions between slides to be effective. This was mentioned briefly before, but make sure that your animations are seamless. If your graphics are chopping, your video will look unprofessional. 

Stick with the Same Style

A professional designer can help with this, but it is crucial that you stick to the same style and aesthetic throughout the video. If your video is made in two different styles, it can be confusing to viewers and look unprofessional. 

Wrapping Up 

Both infographics and animated videos can help boost your business’s SEO and bring more traffic to your website. They are also great ways to enhance your brand and simplify communication between businesses and customers.

If you are looking for cost-effective ways to spice up your business advertising, infographics and animated video are the way to go. They both help boost your SEO and bring more traffic to your website. Check out more examples on our video page HERE!